StarStable Or MovieStarPlanet

Woah this is about to be a serious competition!

I’ve decided that I want membership on either StarStableOnline OR MovieStarPlanet

Now I don’t know which to choose and this is only in the summer (I’ll buy it in the summer)

Star Stable = 6 months 600 starcoins

Moviestarplanet = 3month 30,000 coins (which go fast)

Which should I choose. Only with your voice i’ll choose!

imgres   Star Stable an online realistic horse game. You can do many quests and buy multiple horses. Get 100sc Every week for free. Jorvick shillings are earned from doing quests. The quests are Cool, Magical, and suspenseful. Here on StarStable, you dreams come true. SSO also has guides to helping you learn how to care and feed your horse! Your free to play up to level 5, its pretty hard to level sometimes! But when you buy membership you are limited to level 16 which is REALLY hard to get to. It takes a long time, I’m only on 13! And I have only been playing for 2 years! This is a game thats HARD to not get adicted to!


MovieStarPlanet an anime game with silly charecters and cute, but a bit expensive clothes. Multiple animations and things to make. They don’t exactly have quests but quides to help you learn how to use msp. It’s fun, but not as fun until you get VIP you can buy more things with being a VIP here on MSP!

Your choice to what I choose not mine.




Just for the Sake of it

I need your help everyone, I have a star test in 2 weeks (If you don’t know what the star test is it’s A state exam to see if you are smart enough to pass your grade. This year the passing grade is 70%, And im taking it in 2 weeks. I have 3-4 more to take after the one I’m taking in 2 weeks. So ya thats what the star test is) and I need YOU all to wish me luck.

Cut the crap Regular

 I need the luck to pass my grade! If you guys really are nice and love me, you would just go and wish me luck 😉

     My mom says if I pass I can get 3-6 month Member ship on any game. If I get it on MSP i will give the person that tried the most for me, 3 greets and a whole wishlist 🙂

     Thank you for the people that helped just because and NOT because I said whoever helps me the most gets a wishlist and 3 greets on MSP

     God bless you if you helped me. I will try to repay you some day 🙂 ^-^ c: XDstaarlogo

StarStableOnline Easter Hunt

StarStables new easter hunt is finally here! 😀 Can’t wait to log on can you? Neither can I!


-If you can’t read the words-

     This year, choosing an Easter gift is going to be easier than ever! The Star Stable Gift Shop is carrying a range of fantastic gift packages superbly suited to Star Stable fans of all ages!

Are you a new player looking for a head start? Or perhaps you’re a super experienced Lifetime Star Rider craving the ultimate boost to your Star Coins balance? The Star Stable Gift Shop has great value Star Coins and Lifetime membership bundles to fit all players and all pockets!

What’s more, whilst you receive your gift code instantly via email, this isn’t just an invisible digital gift; all our packages come complete with a beautifully printed Easter card delivered direct to your door, giving players a super Easter surprise that just has to be better than candy!

Join Star Stable Online Today 🙂 Play for free till level 4 😀 —->

Easter Egg Hunt

Moviestarplanets Eater Hunt Friday is almost here!

  • Will there be Prizes?
  • Games?
  • New Clothes?

We’ll know this friday 😀

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 12.50.58 PM

Join MovieStarPlanet Today to get In on the Easter Hunt! ——>

Hey Youtubers :D

This is my first Blog! It took me about 10 minutes to get everything settled and know how to use everything o_o but I finally got it xD I will Update this blog every once in a while letting you see sneak peaks at my new videos, my new profile pictures,  any new games i’ve started, Jokes, Comments to see if anyone likes my channel or not, and info! So i hope you enjoy my new blog 🙂 ~*It’s Still Being updated on the Style*~